Insulting Prophet Muhammad, insult to Morality, Humanity, Spirituality, Justice

Friday, 30 October 2020
The Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s) World Assembly denounced the French President's support for insulting the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.).
Insulting Prophet Muhammad, insult to Morality, Humanity, Spirituality, Justice

The Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s) World Assembly denounced the French President's support for insulting the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.).

"The blessed days of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and Imam al-Sadegh (a.s.) are days of joy and happiness for all Muslims. But some have turned happiness into sorrow by insulting the sanctities of Islam", ayatollah Reza Ramazani said on Wednesday morning, October 28, in a class of the Advanced Islamic Jurisprudence course which was held virtually.

"Insulting the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) is an insult to morality, humanity, spirituality, and justice," said the secretary general of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, "All Muslims, seminaries, university professors in Islamic countries, and Muslim and non-Muslim governments and nations should denounce the insult to the Prophet (s.w.)."

"Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) is the Prophet of kindness and love and has been sent by God to spread love. The character of the Prophet is the embodiment of the Qur'an and in Surah al-Qalam, verse 4, God testifies to the greatness of his morality. He is a prophet who, after all the harassments by the pagans, took a covenant from Imam Ali (a.s.) after the conquest of Mecca that a drop of blood should not be shed from the people. The concern of the Prophet (s.w.) was to guide humanity, he was greedy to guide the people and he toiled for this purpose", Ayatollah Ramazani stated about the personality traits of the Prophet (s.w.).

Referring to the insult to the Prophet (s.w.) in Western countries, he noted, "Some European and American countries disregard the Qur'an, claiming to promote and defend human and human rights. Some European countries and the United States, claiming to be progressive and defending human rights, disregard the Quran, and attribute violence to the Prophet (s.w.) and Islam. This is while all Quranic verses speak of compassion and mercy toward humanity. And based on the verse "And We did not send you except as a bearer of good news and warner to all mankind, but most people do not know" (34:28), the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) has a mission to spread divine mercy to all mankind and he is the one who teaches the good and moral virtues to all human beings."

"For more than a few decades, unfortunately, the anti-Islamic project in various forms and excuses, one of which is freedom of expression, has been seriously discussed and implemented in the scientific centers of the Western world", referring to the anti-Islam project in the Western world, Ayatollah Ramazani said, "What we see are countless insults and slanders against the Prophet of Islam and Muslims under the pretext of freedom of expression. Despite the failure of the anti-Islamic project in the West, they continue their efforts. They even seek to include the caricatures of the Prophet (s.w.) in students' textbooks."

Ayatollah Ramazani said, "In the West (France), Rouge Garaudy, who researched the Holocaust, was tried; If Western presidents are insulted, they will be condemned; but they consider insulting the Prophet (s.w.) as an example of freedom of expression! This is in contrast to the fact that insulting sanctities is forbidden in both the Old and New Testaments, and in the past, those who do as such were severely condemned. It should also be said that insulting the sanctities of religions is against international law, and insulting is an example of ugly and heinous acts."

The professor of advanced jurisprudence course in Islamic seminary in Qom added, "Today's human society needs more fair peace than ever before, but Western governments promote violence by insulting the Prophet, and they claim to support peace and morality, though they insult the Prophet of Islam (s.w.) who is a moral figure, and his religion is the religion of peace, security, and morality, and seeks to establish a fair peace in human society. Insult to the Prophet of Islam (s.w.) is an insult to morality, justice, spirituality, fair peace, and also an insult to human ideals and values. In today's world, which poses various threats and horrors, we need to introduce such characters."

"Respect for divine prophets is obligatory in Islam", he added, "Some define insult as freedom of expression and are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect such freedom. A government like France claims to advocate the freedom of expression and considers the "insult" to be a part of freedom of expression. But we argue with many reasons that in no logic it falls in the category of freedom of expression. According to the holy books, human logic and rights and the human need for morality, spirituality, and just peace, therefore, insulting the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) is condemned."

"You claim to support the freedom of human beings, but by insulting the Prophet of Islam (s.w.), you broke the hearts of more than one billion and nine hundred million human beings", Ayatollah Ramazani addressed the French rulers, "Isn't this hatred?! If you are really against the promotion of violence and hatred, aren't these insults to the purest man, the Prophet of Islam, the promotion of violence and hatred in human society? Does Humanity not need to spread love, knowledge, rationality, and morality? By falsely attributing to the Prophet (a.w.) and the Quran, you want to spread the threat in human society."

"Today, human society needs unity and cohesion more than ever", Ayatollah Ramazani added, "Muslims need unity and cohesion more than ever. The more unity and cohesion among Muslims, the greater the power and authority of Muslims in various cultural, economic, military, scientific, and other sectors. Our goal should be the unity of the Muslim nations and to pay attention to the teachings of the school of AhlulBayt (a.s.). In this way, we must promote the beauties of the words of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) and it is necessary to first understand them correctly and then to publish them in human society."

"The reason for the spread of the anti-Islamic project in the West is that Islam literally answers all the questions of today's human society. With the teachings of Islam, this fear has been created for the oppressive rulers of the world that humanity is turning to Islam. For, if more evil plans are made against Islam in a society, it shows that those teachings have been more effective there", the Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly explained the causes of anti-Islamism in the West.

"If Islam is introduced correctly, people will be eager for it. Because the teachings of Islam are attractive, they restrict this divine religion in the West, separate the Shari'a from Islam, and oppose Islamic rules such as the hijab, and ban the hijab while claiming freedom of religion! In the West, two countries have recognized Islam, one of which is Austria, but the hijab is banned in this country. In Western countries, women with hijab are frequently attacked and in many Western and European countries, educated women wearing hijab are not employed. And also Mosques are attacked in countries that claim freedom of assembly and worship, and Westerners put Muslims under pressure, suffering, and social problems", ayatollah Rmazani said.

"The Islamic world will react to the insult to the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.) and Muslims should not be expected to hear insults to the Prophet, the Quran, and the Imams, but not to react. Muslim communities that are very concerned about Islamic rules are more sensitive to insults to Islamic rules, Sharia, the Qur'an, the Prophet and the Imams", ayatollah Ramazani emphasized.

"Western countries should not create grounds for tension in human societies. However, unfortunately, with their positions, they have provided the ground for tensions in the world. They commit illegal acts with various justifications and excuses, but they expect the Muslims to be silent and not to say a word. We hope that the wise and the decision-makers will pay attention to the consequences of these insults and condemn this ugly and heinous act", he also said.

"Religious leaders, especially the leaders of the Abrahamic religions, have a heavy responsibility on the subject of the French President's insult to the Prophet of Islam (s.w.), and they must act responsibly.", the professor of advanced seminary course concluded.



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