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Preface 17
Responsibility-conscious or right-seeking man 0
An Image of Iran Prior to Bahman 1357 AHS 0
The great crisis of our age 0
Involvement of the psychological factor in the emergence of pluralism 0
A review of the psychological motive in presenting pluralism 0
The difference of the marAji‘ at-taqlId’s religious edicts as nothing to do with pluralism 0
summary 101
The relationship between pluralism and liberalism 0
Explaining “attraction and repulsion” and “Islam”— 0
Examples of Islamic attractive behaviors 0
Summary of the discussion 0
Three types of questions about attraction and repulsion 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
The reference in identifying the useful and harmful elements in the spiritual perfection of man 0
1. Using evidence and preaching 0
3. Debate and argumentation 0
The Islamic approach of dealing with social behaviors 0
The interrelatedness of right and duty 0
Right and duty in relation to God 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
The different approaches in discussing the mutual relationship between the people and the government 0
A review of the discussion in the previous session 0
Second criticism 0
people-government relationship; subjection and domination 0
A review of the discussion in the previous session 0
Introduction 0
The truth of faith 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
“Prophetic experience” and “hermeneutic interpretation” as misgivings aimed at weakening the faith 0
Summary 351


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



مجمع جهانی اهل‌بیت (ع)

مجمع جهانی اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام)، به عنوان یک تشکل جهانی و غیردولتی، از طرف گروهی از نخبگان جهان اسلام تشکیل شده است. اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام) به این دلیل بعنوان محور فعالیت انتخاب شده‎اند که در معارف اسلامی در کنار قرآن، محوری مقدس را که مورد پذیرش عامه مسلمین باشد، تشکیل می‎دهند.
مجمع جهانی اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام) دارای اساسنامه‎ای مشتمل بر هشت فصل و سی و سه ماده است.

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