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a) Knowledge of Allah 0
Making timely use of opportunities and keeping protracted hopes at bay 0
The role of meditation upon death and the consequences of sin 0
The consequences of not acting upon knowledge and attaining social rank by means of it 0
The greatness of the rights of Allah and the infiniteness of His blessings 0
The pre-ordination of man’s sustenance and its inaccessibility to others 0
Companionship with the pious and religious scholars, and the difference of sin in the perception of a believer and an infidel 0
The effects of the correspondence and lack of correspondence of words with actions 0
Subdividing some of the Prophet’s (s) advices 0
The leaders of paradise 0
a) The status and rank of prayer 0
Fear and sorrow and abstinence from sin 0
The difference between fear and sorrow 0
Beneficial and valuable knowledge 0
The differences of perception and conduct between an intelligent and an unintelligent person 0
Reproaching materialism and elucidating the highness of faith 0
Wisdom and foresight are the products of asceticism 0
The world, a goal or a means 0
The effects of crying for the hereafter 0
The status of invocation of Allah in the Qur’an and hadīths 0
The role of arousing hope and fear 0
Meditation about the greatness of creatures 0
a) Speaking softly at the time of escorting a funeral 0
Right and falsehood and the instances of their application 0
Self-examination is an unavoidable need 0


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı

Uluslararası sivil toplum kuruluşu olan Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı, İslam dünyasının seçkin insanları tarafından kurulmuştur.

Dünya Müslümanlarının genelinin bakış açısına göre; Ehlibeyt (a.s), İslami öğretilerde Kuran’ın yanında kutsal bir yere sahip olduğu için Ehlibeyt (a.s) eksenli faaliyetler yürütülmektedir.

Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı’nın tüzüğü, 8 bölümden ve 33 maddeden oluşmaktadır.


  • İran-Tahran-Bulvarı Keşaverz-Nebşi Hıyabanı Guds- Plak: 246

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