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Preface 17
Responsibility-conscious or right-seeking man 0
An Image of Iran Prior to Bahman 1357 AHS 0
The great crisis of our age 0
Involvement of the psychological factor in the emergence of pluralism 0
A review of the psychological motive in presenting pluralism 0
The difference of the marAji‘ at-taqlId’s religious edicts as nothing to do with pluralism 0
summary 101
The relationship between pluralism and liberalism 0
Explaining “attraction and repulsion” and “Islam”— 0
Examples of Islamic attractive behaviors 0
Summary of the discussion 0
Three types of questions about attraction and repulsion 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
The reference in identifying the useful and harmful elements in the spiritual perfection of man 0
1. Using evidence and preaching 0
3. Debate and argumentation 0
The Islamic approach of dealing with social behaviors 0
The interrelatedness of right and duty 0
Right and duty in relation to God 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
The different approaches in discussing the mutual relationship between the people and the government 0
A review of the discussion in the previous session 0
Second criticism 0
people-government relationship; subjection and domination 0
A review of the discussion in the previous session 0
Introduction 0
The truth of faith 0
A review of the previous discussion 0
“Prophetic experience” and “hermeneutic interpretation” as misgivings aimed at weakening the faith 0
Summary 351


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



عالمی اہل بیت اسمبلی

اہل بیت (ع) عالمی اسمبلی، ایک عالمی اور غیر سرکاری تنظیم کی حیثیت سے، عالم اسلام کی ممتاز شخصیات کے ذریعے تشکیل دی گئی ہے۔ اہل بیت علیہم السلام کو مرکز فعالیت اس لیے انتخاب کیا گیا ہے کیونکہ اسلامی تعلیمات میں قرآن کریم کے ہمراہ، اہل بیت اطہار علیہم السلام ایک مقدس مرکزیت کی حیثیت رکھتے ہیں جنہیں تمام مسلمان مانتے ہیں۔

اہل بیت (ع) عالمی اسمبلی کا آئین نامہ آٹھ فصلوں اور تینتیس شقوں پر مشتمل ہے۔

  • ایران - تهران - بلوارکشاورز - نبش خیابان قدس - پلاک 246
  • 888950827 (0098-21)
  • 888950827 (0098-21)

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