Statistics of Shiites in Finland

Statistics of Shiites in Finland

2- Statistics of the "Ahlulbayt (a.s) World Assembly "of Shiites in Finland - 2008  

Region: Continental Europe - North
Country population: 5,500,000
Shiite population: 7,000
Approximate percentage of Shiites in relation to the country's population: 0.1%

3-Statistics of the Association of Religion and Social Life " Pew Research Center "  of  Shiites in Finland - 2009

Country population: more than 5,500,000
Muslim population: 24,000
Shiite population: less than 240
Percentage of Shiites in relation to the Muslim population of the country: less than 1%


Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly

The Ahl al-Bayt World Assembly  is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) that was established by a group of Shiite elites under the supervision of the great Islamic authority of the Shiites in 1990 to identify, organize, educate and support the followers of Ahl al-Bayt.

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