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Immutable regulations 0
Further elaboration 0
An argument for the temporality (that is, creation in time) of the world 0
The relation between self-knowledge and knowledge of God 0
Self-knowledge: the key to knowledge of God 0
The meaning of “remembering God” 0
The world in flux 0
The cosmic journey toward perfection 0
The agent of perfection in the world 0
The arguments for the existence of immaterial beings 0
Additional answers to previous questions 0
Expounding the hadīths that denounce philosophy 0
Existents: merely a figment of the imagination? 0
The Sufis’ remark concerning the Qur’anic statement “he is the first and he is the last” 0
The purpose of creation 0
The question of gender equality in Islam and women’s participation in politics 0
The question of polygamy in Islam 0
Children being in the custody of men 0
A saying from ‘Alī 0
The prophet’s marriage in old age with young ‘Ā’ishah 0
The reason why consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by Islam 0
The irrevocability of Islamic law 0
Explaining a saying of Imām ‘Alī 0
Voyage to the moon from the perspective of Islam 0
The role of Arabic language in Islamic culture 0
Imām al-Husayn’s foreknowledge that he would be killed 0
The question of invoking the Prophet and the Imāms 0
Skeptics: opponents of realism 0
The question of imprecation 0
The infallibility of the Prophet 0
The impermissibility of exaggerating the status of the Imāms 0
The meaning of indhār (warning) in reference to animals 0
A question concerning the separate letters that open a number of the sūrahs of the Qur’an 0
An objection to the definition of Islam 0
A point concerning the Qur’anic phrase saying, “It is a great prophecy…” 0


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



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