THE ROLE OF THE AHL AL-BAYT IN BUILDING THE VIRTUOUS COMMUNITY / Book eight: The System of Devotional Acts of the Virtuous Community

Volume 1

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Daily Prayers, Supererogatory Prayers and Details 0
Fridays and Thursday Nights 0
Supplications of the Days of the Week 0
Prayer on the First Day of the Month 0
Special Days and Nights 0
Three Blessed Months 0
Hajj and the First Ten Days of Dhu’l-Hijjah 0
The Month of Rajab 0
Merits of Rajab 0
Formulas of Ziyarah 0
Litanies 0
Rites of the Twenty-Seventh Night and Day of Rajab 0
Merits of Sha`ban 0
Litanies 0
First: The first night and day of Sha`ban 0
Second: Thursdays of Sha`ban 0
Fourth: The mid-Sha`ban Night 0
Fifth: The Last Days and the Last Night of Sha`ban 0
Merits of Ramadan 0
Devotional Acts Common to the Nights and Days 0
Supplications after each obligatory prayer or at all times 0
Litanies 0
Devotional Acts Common to the Nights of Ramadan 0
Breaking the Fast 0
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 0
Prayers 0
Having the Early Dawn Meal (Suhur) 0
Supplications and Whispered Prayers 0
Supplication 0
Second Part: Devotional Acts Dedicated to Certain Nights and Days 0
Devotional Acts on the First Night and Day 0
Ritual Bathing 0
Visiting Imam Husayn (‘a) 0
Supererogatory Prayers 0
Rites of the Nights of Qadr 0
Characteristics of the Ahl al-Bayt’s View of Hajj 0
Supplications 0
Visiting Imam Husayn (‘a) 0
Rites on the Day of `Arafat 0
Ritual Bathing 0
Visiting Imam Husayn (‘a) 0
Prayers 0
Fasting 0
Supplications 0
Personal Supplications 0
The Devotional Acts Attached to the Rites of Hajj 0
Fasting 0
Prayers 0
Litanies 0
Offering an Animal in Sacrifice 0
Litany 0
Prayer 140
Imam `Ali’s Prayer 0
Istikharah and Its Prayer 0
Obligatory Fasting 0
Recommended Fasting 0
The Best Times for Supplicating 0
Imprecation of Punishment on the Enemies 0
Dhikr 203
Dhikr in its private meaning 0
3. Tahlil 214
4. Tahmid 216
5. Tasbih 217
6. Takbir 219
8. Mashi'ah 0
Spiritual Effects 0
Jihad 259


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



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